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Wellness Evaluation on line. Everybody is different and has different goals and needs. Because of that the importance of personalizing your programme.

Do you have 5 minutes of time?. I strongly advice you to start your online wellness evaluation. Analyzed individually by a Wellness Consultant .

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How to protect your Health & Wellness

secrets of staying healty


secrets of eating smart


the secrets of good nutrtion for your family


the importance of taking vitamins

I am your personal Wellness Coach

My mission:

  • To help the world get healthier, one person at at time.

I offer people:

  • Wellness education.wellness evaluator coach
  • A Wellness Evaluation & Profile.
  • Lifestyle adjustment recommendations.
  • Herbalife products.
  • Ongoing wellness coaching.

Herbalife is:

  • Leading Health & Nutrition company
  • 30 years of experience
  • World-wide operations (more than 65 countries)

What is wellness?


 How would you define wellness?the importance of wellness


Our Definition:

 "Living a long and active life free
from the pains of disease and fatigue"

Why a personal wellness profile?

a personal wellness profile


  • To see if you and those you love are are healthy
  • To learn what to do about it.
  • To help you experience wellness.

A complimentary wellness profile
is available from your Personal Wellness Coach.


 " Healthy Nutrition" is the solution


 Adapting a series of small lifestyle adjustments can prevent or control the devastating effects of being unhealthy

prevention is the solution 

 How to be healthy 100 percent


eating a nutritionally balanced diet 

Eat a nutritionally Balanced Diet

Avoid Contaminants

Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Be Physically Active

 Improving balance in the four prevention categories
is a key to be healthy

 Improving your balance

  • Eat a nutritionally balanced breakfast daily.
  • Eat 7-9 servings of fruits & vegetables daily.
  • Eat 3 servings of deep sea fish weekly.
  • Eat 25g soy protein daily.
  • Maintain proper calorie intake.
  • Include proper dietary supplements.
  • Consume recommended amount of fiber daily.
  • Avoid tobacco and other contaminants.
  • Exercise 1/2 hour daily.

 Improving your diet

 Most people find it difficult to keep a healthy balance.

 Typical challenges faced:

  • Consuming enough fruits & vegetables.
  • Satisfying vitamin & mineral needs.
  • Meal preparation challenges.
  • Understanding personal protein needs.
  • Don't like fish - mercury   contamination.
  • Can't maintain ideal weight.
  • No time for exercise.
  • Don't know what supplements to take.


importance of eating fruits and vegetables

 One or two adjustments can significantly reduce your risks. But is it realistic for you to make the adjustments?

 How we can simplify it for you


 how we can simplify this for you

1. Personal wellness profile.

2. Identify your risk areas.

3. Reveal solutions.

4. Personal wellness plan & coaching.

 Learn how to reduce your risks, protect your health,
and achieve wellness for you and those you love.

 Are you at risk?


Do you have threatening imbalances?

What adjustments can you make?

How do you make those adjustments? 

Discover your answers in a few short minutes.

 are you at risk

 Getting your personal answers?


 answering wellness evaluation

You are invited to receive your free:

  • Wellness Evaluation
  • Personal Risk Profile
  • Risk Reduction Wellness Plan
  • Guide to Wellness Booklet
start online wellness evaluation